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B100.jpg Crown Caps Plain 50 ct.
B124 Quantity
A1029.jpg Priming Sugar 5 oz.
A1029 Quantity

The Hops Shack has a variety of pre-made beer kits with new kits being added frequently. The kits are arranged by series with the following loose guidelines:


Liberty Series -  Our most modest offering with lower gravities and bitterness.

Centennial Series-  These kits step up the alcohol and bitterness while some contain special ingredients or processes.

Warrior Series-  The Warrior Series recipe kits are big beers with an original gravity over 1.070, IBU's over 70, contain special ingredients or processes. These kits are not recommended for beginners.

Customers Recipes- These kits are either formulated for Hops Shack Customers or by Hops Shack Customers.

HBC Favorites- A collection of recipes gathered from These recipes come from experienced homebrewers and have proven to be favorites among the group.

Kits do NOT come with Priming sugar or Caps due to the increasing number of homebrewers kegging their brew.

Kits are priced with the included Dry Yeast. Liquid Yeast Options are available at Checkout.



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